Brittany + David {Maternity Session}

They say that the parents' example of love toward each other is like a protective covering.  It can provide a safe place in which a child can grow.  You can tell that Brittany and David's love for each other is so great that this little baby will be the recipient of abundant love, not just the leftovers.  This couple has journeyed ten years together in the sacred bond of marriage and now, after years of battling with infertility, they finally have this precious gift that will arrive in September.  Brittany shares her struggles openly in her blog Live In The Longing.  Her vivid and very honest writing connects the reader to the human heart.  Although you may not have battled with infertility yourself, her posts reaches into the depth of your soul and awakens that which has been numbed.  It certainly has opened my eyes to what a battle with infertility might look like... to what living in genuine, honest, real longing might look like... to what being human might look like.