Kristin's Portrait + Family Session for Caring Magazine

I had the privilege of photographing for Caring Magazine's issue themed, "Building Confidence."  I spoke with different women about the idea of confidence in the context of beauty.  How do we instill confidence in our children?  What kinds of struggles have we had in dealing with confidence?  

I met with Kristin at the Pasadena Public Library and we chatted about this topic.  She said, On the surface, we can feel confident when we feel accomplished or if we feel like people like us because we look a certain way. It’s very circumstantial. People can be confident in public, but can be very self-loathing. True beauty draws a sense of identity and worth from deeper within. What sets you apart is knowing that you know the Holy Spirit within you. It makes you glow. You don’t have to strive to be like someone else, but it’s an assurance knowing that you are enough. When you interact with a beautiful person, it’s not about them. A truly beautiful person draws beauty out of others and is able to see beauty in places other people don’t see it."

I personally love this session.  It must be one of my favorites of the year.  Warm tones and muted colors that fills you with a sense of wonderment.  Awe.  Who wouldn't want to remember these moments reading books to their children!  And especially as an educator, this environment suits Kristin and her daughter perfectly.  

Chung Family Holiday Session {Irvine, Orange County Photographer}

"Have yourself a merry little Christmas!" That's what the cute, round, wooden sign with the cute calligraphy said as you walked into their home.  Little Arthur was sick, but even with a runny nose, he managed to get through this in-home family holiday session like a champ.  The modern home with neutral colors of grey was a beautiful canvas for a young family of 3, getting ready for Christmas.  Even their maltese joined in on the family fun!  

We started in the bedroom with a large window to their right.  Then, we headed over to the kitchen to snack on some breakfast before ending up in the living room.  They changed into their super cute Christmas PJs (from Old Navy!!) and had some family time by the Christmas tree!

Kim Family Mini Session {Orange, CA Photographer}

This family is expecting their second child in a few months, but they wanted to remember this time with just their daughter.  It thought it was so sweet to want to capture this time with their first born before they become family of four.  

Little Emily had a lot of energy!  She was so outgoing, but was also able to follow directions pretty well.  She has!  It's a good thing.  I hope she maintains this amazing spirit of hers even when she is an older sister!

Style: Casual with the cutest idea for matching white tennies!  Best family uniform!  :)

Everett's Newborn {Palos Verdes, CA Photographer}

After 46 hour of labor (oh my!) little Everett was born.  I hope you know how much your mom went through to bring you into this world, little one! (And without any medication too!) He is the first child of proud parents, Tyler and Jessy who have been on countless adventures even until the moment the baby was born.  While pregnant, both mom and dad finished their Tae Kwon Do track to receive their black belt and stayed active and culturally engaged.  They've been on so many adventures, crossing off items on their bucket list, but I bet they would say without any hesitation that having Everett in their family is the great adventure they've been on!

Baby Ezekiel's Fresh 48 {Torrance, CA | LA OC Family Photographer}

The heat wave had died down and it finally started feeling like Fall in Southern California.  Though the air was crisp outside, there was nothing but warmth in the hospital room where the Baby Ezekiel and his family were recovering.  Baby Ezekiel was delivered at the Torrance Memorial Hospital after 36 hours of labor.  It was worth the wait.  And all the work.  And the pain!  This first born boy has made a grand entrance into the Thieme family!  

Call Family Maternity Session {Dana Point, Orange County Family Photographer}

This little girl is going to be a big sister when baby Daniel arrives in a few weeks!  We went to Dana Point to photograph this lovely family's maternity session.  Unfortunately, there was a high surf warning, so we couldn't go on to the jetty, but we were able to get some awesome shots facing the other way! 

This little girl loves Moana, so we sang the song from the movie as she channelled her Moana spirit.  So excited for this family!

Liz Pyo & Family Session {Balboa Island Fun Zone}

Balboa Island is a great place to just walk around and hang out.  On a beautiful Orange County morning, I had the chance to hang out with this good looking family.  The kids were rock stars.  They are full of energy and personality!  We started at the Balboa Candy store and went around the block to the ferris wheel and then back around where we started.  Maybe we should have ENDED at the candy store because they really wanted to go in and STAY in :)