The Joy Theory desires to capture...

... honest moments in photo journalistic style

... movement, force, energy & spirit of an episode

... the organic, authentic, earthy, muted, rustic & natural

... colors - endless combination of vibrant or muted colors

... Modern Vintage



Joy Yi is a wife, mom, a Salvationist and an explorer of creativity.

She loves to learn.  Formal studies of Communication, Education and Divinity were valuable but YouTube and the people around her are her current teachers. She hopes to be a life-long learner and to cultivate an open spirit.  

She's worked as the Creative Arts Director for the The Salvation Army organizing and teaching arts (music, drama and dance) at camps, churches and conferences until baby Ezra Wyatt born. 



Joy is based in South Orange County & wants to tell your story.

Email Joy if you'd like to collaborate on projects or purchase any of the images on this website.

Joy & the husband Photo credit: Studio Q Photography

Joy & the husband
Photo credit: Studio Q Photography