Photographs are a part of our identify formation.  Through photographs, we are able to assign deeper meanings to relationships.  They also aid in adding value to our sense of community.  They are the artifacts of our lives.  

I capture stories of human bonds, dreamers' dreams  + simple delights - all the things that make us human in the best way possible.


My other loves? 
A cold cup of boba, swing dancing (Lindy Hop), choral singing, watching Netflix with hubby, live theater, my husband who loves to surf and our 2 adorable boys, who may quite possibly turn out to be "Pinky and the Brain."  Just maaaaybe....

Things I wish I could be better in...
Cooking - I'm terrrrrrrible.  I admire people who can satisfy hunger AND making it enjoyable.

Gears I use...
Canon DSLR Mark iii, Canon 24-70mm 2.8 L, Canon 85mm 1.4 L, Lightroom, Affinity Photo.

Favorite travel experience...
London + Oxford, England.

Am I insured?  
Yes!  My photography business and equipment are insured.


Becoming Joy

I'm a wife, mom, a Sally, and an explorer of creativity.

I studied Communication for my undergrad, and Education and Divinity for my masters, but I hope to be a life-long learner and to cultivate an open spirit in whatever work I'm doing. 

I worked as the Creative Arts Director for the The Salvation Army organizing and teaching arts (music, drama and dance) at camps, churches and conferences until baby Ezra born.  

What does the name Joy Theory mean?
Theories are systems of ideas that can explain facts or events.  They can also guide a course of action.  So Joy Theory is a collection of photo stories that seeks to encourage the viewer to choose joy.

Joy is not merely happiness.  It's not just jolliness or a warm fuzzy feeling.  Joy is strength.  It is a choice regardless of circumstances.  It is acceptance of things you cannot control and having grit to work through it.  

So I hope that the photos can encourage people (give courage) to love one another whole heartedly and cultivate creativity through various seasons of life.

Photo credit:  Jen Sosa

Photo credit: Jen Sosa