Simple Yet Meaningful

"I want to live a life that's simple yet meaningful."  

This was written in my high school yearbook's random quotes section by an anonymous classmate.  Maybe I still remember it after all these years because this is how I've always wanted to live my life.

Simple: For me, this means living a life that's not dictated by materialistic desires to keep up with the Jonses or Pinterest.  As someone who appreciates art, craftsmanship and beauty, simplicity turns out to be a balancing act.  Simplicity doesn't have to be drab nor does beauty have to equal excessive luxury.  A large part of it has to do with my heart.  Where are my treasures?  Is there room in my life for the things that matter?

Meaningful: I think we find meaning when we connect with other people and live in community.  Only Connect.  I want to serve and walk alongside others, from my own family to people in completely different cultural categories, as they experience their full creative and created potential.  Learning, growing & building memories together.  Doing life together.  Working through the mess together.