2018 Pricing


Families, MATERNITY, Fresh 48, BABIES & CoupleS

Full Sessions $350
45-60 minute session, 40 + edited high resolution images.
$10 per person after 6 people. Print Release

Mini Sessions $175
20 minute session, 7 edited high resolution images of your choice. 
$5 per additional image. Print Release


Formal In-Studio or Lifestyle Headshot $200
45-60 minute session, 6 high resolution edited images, 1 outfit change.
$10 per additional images. Print Release

single subject PORTRAITS

including HS seniors, artists, business, creatives + personal branding

Full Session $300
45-60 minute session, 25 edited high resolution images. Print Release.

Mini Session $175
 30 minute session, 6 edited high resolution images of your choice.
$10 for additional images. Print Release


$150 per hour / 2 hour minimum


$175 / 4 shoots minimum per year
60 minute session for 2-3 looks, 6 edited edited high resolution images of your choice per look.  
$10 for additional images.


* Travel fee of .55 per miles outside of Orange County for any session.
A retainer fee is required to officially book the photographer.

Travel fee of $0.55 per mile applies for events outside Orange County.
Prices are subject to change.
A retainer fee is required to officially book the photographer.
Online galleries are available for 3 months. Images may be downloaded, shared and printed.



How will the images be delivered to me?

All images will be available for download online.  Wedding and large events can also be sent to you via snail mail on a USB stick in addition to the online gallery.

What's your turn around time?
For weddings, the turn around time is 4-6 weeks.  For other types of photos, it can be anywhere from 3 business days to 2 weeks.  

What's the difference between a headshot and a portrait?

A headshot only captures the subject from the waist or shoulder up.  The subject will always look at the camera.  They're more intended for more professional settings.  

Portraits give room for more artistic freedom.  The collection would include more variety in the poses and composition.  There may be some close up shots but also some wide shots with the surroundings.  The subject does not always have to look at the camera and has more variations in posing and composition.  Editorial and fine art editing styles are applied more to portraits.